running a small business

so my friend posted this very apt post on fb

which i totally agree because i have experienced this before. friends or distant relatives expecting you to do things for free. or worse, start ups and schools asking for sponsors for their events and camps.

firstly, to friends and distant relatives. if you didn’t expect me to do it for free, i would have probably done it for you for free, on account of our friendship or you being my distant relative. or at least offer to pay for material costs.

secondly, to start ups and schools running your events. if you are running an event, please set aside a budget if you’d like your guests or attendees to receive gifts. because what you usually ask for are quantities in the hundreds. how can you expect a small business to offer such sponsorships?

some may say if you do it, we will do a shoutout at their event or publish you in their camp magazine. but honestly, how much of that turn into real business opportunities for us? till now, none for me.

so to all small business, artists, designers etc. always be careful when someone asks you to do something for free, or ask for sponsorships